German Duo AEXCIT say they “love music and protein shakes”, and it´s probably not the drink that has a story to tell. The two electronic music producers and DJs from Nuremberg have embarked upon a mission to pack all the countless melodies from their heads into tracks and share these tunes with the whole world.


DJ & Producer


DJ & Producer

The story so far

Having started their musical journey as AEXCIT in 2014, Alex and Thomas are already looking back on a steady stream of releases covering a wide range between electronic dance and pop music. Their recent singles got hand-picked by Universal and the famous Armada music label, and one of their biggest coups to-date was to win the Scorpio Music A&R contest in 2017. The succeeding track turned out to be their hymn ´Gravity´, featuring the vocals of Mick Fousé, which got a full release through Scorpio. All that gained them airplay on major radio stations and achieved their first millions of plays on major platforms like Spotify and Youtube.

With the arrival of 2019 AEXCIT´s musical journey will extend with more DJ shows across Europe, focussing on shaping their production skills and developing their signature sound beyond borders. Thomas and Alex will rise to this challenge with hard work, creating music straight out of their souls and never stopping to produce music.

Press Comments:
„With a release on all Scorpio Music’s platforms and the right guidance from their A&R team, ‘Gravity’ spells big things for this emerging duo. With recent live gigs in Ibiza, it’s looking like 2018 is going to be the year of AEXCIT.“ (Scorpio Music)

“These two producers beautifully remixed the original pop song from the England based group into a sweet tropical melodic journey. The synths remind us of the Kygo synths that everyone loves and their vocal chops add a little extra funk to song… Looking forward to what these guys come up with next!” (XY&O – Fahrenheit (Aexcit Remix) /

“Lacing the dance music spectrum with their distinct and colorful sound, Aexcit touch down onto Armada Deep with a record both fresh and incredibly addictive. Featuring sultry vocals, sexy synths and a remarkable summer vibe, ‘What We Do’ makes the difference.” (Armada Music)